• 23 Braves Crossing Ct. Sharpsburg, GA 30277

Recent projects

Gainesville GA Fire Department

This was an install of a Mako All-In-One Modular Breathing Air Center for the Gainesville GA Fire Department. This systems is 20.7 CFM at 6000 psig with a 3 bottle containment fill station, 4 ASME storage bottles and 6000 psig hose reel.

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City of Atlanta Fire Department Air Truck

This was an install of a Mako OEM 5409HBA Compressor. It has 33.2 cfm at 6000 psig with two 3 bottle containment fill stations and 6 ASME Storage bottles.

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Pickens County, GA Air Trailer

This was an install of a Custom Built Air Trailer with a Mako HBA06H Compressor with 14 cfm at 6000 psig. It has a 2 bottle containment fill station with 6 DOT storage bottles, generator, two 500 watt scene lights and work desk.

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