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You can have confidence in B&T’s ability to provide a quality solution to your Mobile Air needs.

B&T Enterprises has been building quality mobile Air systems for over a Decade!

We’ve built mobile air systems for just about every scenario there is! Fully self-contained air trucks, self-contained air trailers, cascade trailers, combination trailers, etc.  We have manufactured these units from “scratch” as well as retrofitted customer owned existing apparatuses and trailers to fit their specific needs.

Diesel, gas or electric units running off of a generator or shore line are all viable solutions that B&T has had experience building. We have the expertise, knowledge and commitment to quality to supply you with the best solution for your situation.  Please visit our photo gallery below that illustrates just a few of our previous mobile builds.

Our forte is building trailers specific to our customer’s needs.  However, we have also discovered that a segment of our customers are looking for some standardization, or beginning point. Therefore we have developed 2 trailer models that offer a majority of what our customers ask for:

Optional Equipment:

Many options are available when designing your trailer. Questions that need to be asked are:

Do I need more storage bottles?

Is there a need for a separate partitioned command module?

Do I want to combine Haz-Mat response gear with an Air Trailer?

Do I need space for Search and Rescue equipment storage?

Option Examples:

  • Longer Trailer Length (up to 30’)
  • Additional Storage Tanks
  • Roll out Awning(s)
  • Standalone light towers
  • Spare Generator
  • Additional hose reels
  • Work Bench
  • Desk
  • Additional Shelving
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Additional SCBA storage
  • SCBA pack storage
  • Extended Trailer Tongue
  • Storage Box on Tongue
  • Custom Paint Schemes
  • Custom “Lettering”

We can customize your trailer to meet whatever specifications you require!